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Verified Buyer

Finally Glowing Skin

Along with getting a facial one every two months, that and using 4.5.6 has been a saviour. Thank you for making skincare for melanin skin also, nice to have been thought of.


Crystal Waugh

Verified Buyer

Finally Glowing Skin

Since I have started using this product, my dark spots have begun to fade and skin tone has begun to even out. I’m so happy I invested in my skin, and am even happier there is a product out there for my skin type. Thank you so much.


Ms Ratbag

Verified Buyer

Finally Glowing Skin

I have used so many brands using Space NK. My big sister, a cosmetic, skin care consultant, taught me the importance of face creams. Now I can tell her about these brilliant product, 4.5.6. My skin has never looked this great. 


Aya Shili

Verified Buyer

Finally Glowing Skin

The initial couple weeks, my skin had a few breakouts, but I was warned that this may happen. My skin is now much brighter and the excessive oil that had been a problem is slowly but surely reducing.

Most brightening serums are either too strong, triggering excess melanin production and causing more hyperpigmentation

Or, they use the single-star ingredient approach, which may work on Caucasian skin, but not on melanin-rich skin.

In fact, treating hyperpigmentation in melanin-rich skin requires both a gentle, yet multi-tiered approach to ensure that all avenues for producing excess melanin are addressed.

We base our approach on these four pillars:

Deep Hydration

Gentle Exfoliation

Melanin Synthesis Inhibition

Prevention Against Inflammation


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