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Why melanin-rich skin is different and how to take care of it?

Drawing out the specific characteristics of melanin-rich skin and the unique needs their skincare routine has to look out for.


Melanin-rich skin has unique needs 

How many of us have heard the words “skin is skin” being thrown at us by various skincare companies? Apart from being redundant, the words are also untrue. The idea that skincare products work for all kinds of skin, irrespective of skin type and physiology, is bizarre given how physiological differences dictate the skin’s thickness, its reaction to changing seasons, and the way it reacts to its immediate surroundings.


Here’s where the difference lies 

Here are some distinct physiological characteristics of melanin-rich skin that demand a specific skincare routine that treats its specific pain points and caters to its special needs. Here is what you need to know to build a skincare routine that works for your beautiful, melanin-rich skin and treats skin conditions like pigmentation and acne.

You actually have thicker skin!

Melanin-rich skin has more layers than lighter skin phototypes. This means for effective hydration, you need skincare formulations that can penetrate deeper into your skin. Look out for skincare products with vitalised or active water, hyaluronic acid, bioactive moisturising complex when building your skincare routine.

That dreadful winter feeling is real!

You may love the winters but your melanin-rich skin doesn't. The loss of moisture causes an impaired skin barrier, which leads to higher water loss leaving your skin dehydrated and sensitive. Tropical plants like papaya, shea tree, and rice have the same phenotypical and functional specificities as melanin-rich skin. So always keep an eye out for ingredients that use powerful extracts from these plants. A Hyaluronic Acid skincare routine is great, but make sure your skincare products have high naturality indexes and are water-based.

The Vitamin D problem!

Your skin thrives in the sun. Insufficient sunlight in colder climates causes Vitamin D deficiency which, among other things, dehydrates your skin and slows down cell renewal. Take extra care to ensure that you are not using any skincare product that dries your skin out. Use gentle cleansers and cleansing oils. Don’t forget to exfoliate to boost cell renewal. Also, check your level of Vitamin D on a regular basis and use Vitamin D supplements if needed. The best way to supplement your vitamin D is to consume it in liquid or oil form everyday.

Your struggle against acne IS harder!

The lipid content in melanin-rich skin cells is higher than lighter phototypes, which means you are more prone to acne. Of course, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is crucial, but also make sure that your skincare ingredients work to normalise your skin’s microbiome and regulate its sebum production.

Your skin’s a flake!

Melanin-rich skin flakes or desquamates much more than lighter phototypes, making your skin prone to dullness. Our big tip for your skincare routine is to use a water-based moisturiser that retains moisture, soothes the skin, and acts as a shield against pollution. When cleansing, avoid skincare ingredients that are harsh and drying. It’s important you don’t wring all the moisture out of your skin. If you wear make-up regularly, then use a cleansing oil along with your cleanser. Just don’t over do it.

Threats of hyperpigmentation and acne are always looming!

Your skin responds to aggression by producing excess sebum and melanin. That is one of the most common causes of hyperpigmentation and non-hormonal acne. When scrubbing and exfoliating, make sure you’re not overdoing it and being needlessly aggressive to your skin.


Now here’s the good news! After this long list of things that could go wrong with your skincare routine, here is one thing you possibly don’t have to worry about for a while. Melanin-rich skin has more robust elastin and collagen, which means with proper care and sun protection, wrinkles and skin ageing should not be a worry for you…. For a while.


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