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Customization: Our Bespoke Approach to Your Skincare

As we live in a world where everything from our groceries to our haircare can be customized with a touch of a button, it only seems right that our skincare regimens follow suit too. Here at 4.5.6 Skin, we strive to offer a customized skincare routine tailored to your individual skin requirements.

Phototypes explained & why you should care

We all have a fairly good idea of what skin type we have; oily, dry, combination. But what do we really know about our integral skin physiology and structural characteristics? And more importantly, do we fully understand how these unique specifications affect our daily skin behaviours? While your answer may...

The Big Purge. What’s it all about?

Looking at the definition of the word purge, one can see how the concept of a skin purge after starting a skincare treatment is a popular one. What exactly is occurring within the skin when a new regimen is started?

The truth behind the pursuit for flawless skin

Whether you’re an advocate for skin bleaching, or proudly enhancing your natural melanin, we hope that you're well-equipped with the information needed to make informed decisions.

Top 10 ingredients to hydrate your skin with all the moisture it needs?

Discovering the hyaluronic acid skin routine and other ingredients that must be a part of your routine.

How your phototype should play a big role in deciding what your routine should be?

Research shows that a person’s skin phototype has a big role to play in deciding what their skincare routine should be.

Why you should avoid those 6 ingredient groups at all costs?

These ingredients should never be in your melanin skincare routine and here is why?

Why melanin-rich skin is different and how to take care of it?

Drawing out the specific characteristics of melanin-rich skin and the unique needs their skincare routine has to look out for.